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Why Choose B&D?


Australia’s most trusted and reliable garage door brand.

B&D is Australia’s original and most trusted garage door brand. Our doors don’t just close, they can lock securely shut, so you can be confident that the largest entrance to your home is secure. Tough, smart, and reliable – what more could you want?

B&D garage doors and openers protect the precious things of your home, allowing access only to those with permission. We make your home feel home, safe home.


Safe as can B&D

Did you know that when an ordinary garage door is shut, it’s not actually locked? 

Like your front door, there are multiple ways to lock your garage door and protect the things behind it:

  • Auto-Lockis a built-in heavy-duty bolt that locks your garage door every time you close it.
  • Automatic Reverse protects your garage door by stopping it from closing on any obstructions. As soon as it senses an obstacle, the mechanism will reverse.
  • This works best when paired with Wireless Safety Beams. These create an infra-red beam, so if children or pets cross the beam, the opener stops the door closing, keeping everyone safe.
  • Automatic Backdrive enables the opener to drive the door back down if it’s being forced open, resisting any potential intruders.
  • Secure, keyless entry with un-hackable remote control technology.
  • B&D Cameras help you keep an eye on your property when you can’t, keeping what you value most, safe.
  • Remote monitoring from your smart phonefor increased safety, security and convenience 

Find out more about our safety and security options and features. 


Easy as can B&D

B&D to You is a mobile showroom service that makes choosing buying, installing and servicing your door simple and easy.

Our team bring the touch-and test experience to your driveway, offering a complimentary education, advice on design, and tips on how best to utilise your space depending on how you use your garage. If you like, we can provide a free quote on the spot. No pressure, no problem.

From cutting-edge design, to an array of colour and finish options, you’ll always be able find a garage door to suit your unique style and match the rest of your home.  

Pair your door with a smooth and silent automatic opener and a smart phone control to give access to anyone, anytime at the press of a button; even when you’re not at home.

Call us today for advice or to book an appointment. 13 62 63.


Reliable as can B&D

Our garage doors and automatic openers are designed, tested and proven to work in unison, so you can be sure when installed together, your garage door will keep opening and closing many times a day, for many years to come. We are so confident in fact, we will back them with a 10 year total confidence warranty when you buy them together.