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Your Guide To Garage Door Pricing


There are as many kinds of garage doors in Australia as there are garages. That’s because no two garages are the same. All those subtle differences in length, width and height mean that their doors need to be custom made. That’s why you’ll find such a wide range of garage door prices, and why a Measure & Quote needs to be provided prior to the installation of each and every garage door. We’ve learned a thing or two after 60 years on the job, and our garage doors are designed to be as perfectly unique as a fingerprint.

Here, you’ll learn how garage doors are priced, and everything you need to know to decide what’s best for you.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of garage doors: roller doors and sectional doors. Roller doors are the ones you’re probably thinking of. They’re continuous curtains of ribbed steel that roll up like a carpet on the ceiling. Sectional doors are made of a series of rigid panels, and run on a flat track against the ceiling when opened. Roller doors are cheaper, but they take up more headroom and aren’t as customisable. Sectionals are a touch more expensive, but they’re far more customisable and tuck away discreetly. The first thing we have to do is decide which is right for you.

Let’s look at prices. Here’s an average indication for a double car garage:




Roller Door Prices: $1200 to $4100

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Sectional Door Prices: $1800 to $9900

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Your personal quote depends on a range of garage door price factors. We’ll take you through a few of them.


1. Style:

The first factor is style. What do you want your door to say about your home? You could choose from any number of stunning colours from our Colourbond range. Or, for a more personal touch, try a classic woodgrain or contemporary textured finish.



2. Safety:

Consider what safety features you might need. While they do come at a cost, you can keep garage door prices affordable by knowing what’s right for you. For secure peace of mind, The B&D auto-lock securely deadbolts your door at the push of a button. Another we certainly recommend is the infrared safety beam. If the infra-red beam is interrupted while the garage door is closing, the door will stop and reverse. Perfect for kids, pets and reversing vehicles. If fires or dust are a concern, B&D Emb-A-Seals securely fill the gaps around your door, protecting your valuables the elements. And, of course, we’ll always be on hand to repair, replace or upgrade your garage doors to keep you and yours protected.



3. Purpose:

Finally, there’s purpose and convenience. If you think all garage doors are the same, you’ll overlook these factors, but they’re make-or-break when it comes to your satisfaction. Garages are used for all sorts of purposes: cars, storage, gyms, offices, hobbies or rumpus rooms… If you have any concerns about noise or extreme temperatures, we can help with that too. Our B&D Insul-Shield helps keep temperatures even and the noise down. Whether you’re trying to start a garage band or block out the neighbour’s, you’ll be sorted.



bnd to you van

Your needs dictate what type of door and what suite of features you need, and all of that affects the final price. That’s where B&D To You can help. Our goal is simple: a free education, with no obligations. Our mobile showrooms bring the entire experience to your driveway. We’ll answer your questions, demonstrate large-scale samples and give you a personalised quote on the spot.

We want you to make the right choice for your needs, so contact us for an in-home visit and a tailored quote today.