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Garage doors Perth

Getting started on your garage door journey

If you’re in the market for garage doors or motors in Perth, our buying guide offers helpful information on the different types of doors, styles and security features available. We service throughout Perth and regional Western Australia, including Malaga, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Dunsborough, Broome, Wangara, Margaret River and Geraldton.

Types of garage doors

B&D offers two main types of garage doors:

  • Roller doors
  • Sectional doors
Roller garage doors

Ideal for garages, laneway access and sheds, roller garage doors roll up like a carpet to the top of the door’s opening, saving ceiling space.

Roller garage doors can be purchased with or without an automatic opener and feature a sturdy key locking mechanism to prevent unwanted intrusion. They can also be manufactured to ensure high wind conditions, making them a safe choice for cyclone-prone areas.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are made up of several panels hinged together to look like one solid door. They can be tailored to fit garage openings of any size and shape. Unlike the roller door, sectional doors run on metal tracks along the ceiling when opening and closing. Custom-made to fit the garage in a range of styles and colours, they’re a popular choice for residential homes due to their modern street appeal, sturdiness and excellent functionality.

Gone are the days of manually lifting and physically unlocking a garage door. Sectional doors are almost always purchased with an automatic opener for greater security. Plus, since most garage doors don’t lock, B&D’s automatic locking systems do away with the need for physical locks, providing peace of mind that only people with a remote can gain entry.

Tilt doors

Tilt doors are the least common garage door due their safety and security issues, which is why B&D don’t manufacture or install them. Tilt doors feature exposed springs on either side of the door and are created from one solid piece instead of hinged panels, making them quite heavy. This can put extra pressure on the springs and balancing system when opening and closing. When the springs wear out, they can break, causing the door to slam down without warning, potentially hitting people, children, pets and cars.

Garage door safety and security

Security is our main priority here at B&D. We’re committed to the highest standards of safety to ensure our customers are kept out of harm’s way. Below are the must-have security features to look for when in the market for a new garage door.


Just because a garage door is closed, it doesn’t mean it’s locked. Designed to prevent thieves forcing an unlocked garage door up and open, the Auto-Lock receives a signal from the remote to quickly lock the garage door with a heavy-duty bolt, all without the need for a key.

Automatic Reverse and Backdrive

Every B&D automatic garage door has an automatic reverse feature built into the motor to identify friction or obstruction. Automatic Reverse is designed to prevent the door closing on obstructions such as people and property, while Automatic Backdrive triggers the motor to drive back down if the door is being forced open.

Infrared motion detection

As well as auto-reverse, wireless safety beams are essential to protect children, pets, cars and other valuable items in the garage. When an infrared beam, senses an object in the path of the door closing, it won’t allow it to shut while the object remains. As soon as the beam is broken, the opener kicks into reverse, avoiding risk and injury.

Smart phone operation

Smartphone-operated doors give you the power to monitor and control garage access via a smart phone or tablet. With the ability to link to multiple smart devices at the same time, the B&D Smart Phone app sends a notification if your door is left open, operated or obstructed. Smart door openers can also be linked to a B&D Garage Door Camera to manage and monitor the entire door. Plus, the camera sends alerts straight to your device when someone’s outside the garage, so you can view and allow access from anywhere.


A garage door warranty is crucial. It ensures the door continues to operate and wear the way it should. B&D garage doors and openers are designed, tested and proven to work in unison, which is why we back them with our market-leading 10-year Total Confidence Warranty* to ensure maximum performance and reliability.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Choosing a garage door style

From trendy designer doors to more traditional styles, B&D garage doors come in a range of materials, colours and finishes. Garage doors make up around 45% of the home’s façade and are as much a focal point as front doors, windows or exterior cladding, so investing in high-quality products and materials is crucial.

COLORBOND garage doors can be coordinated with your new or existing colour scheme and other steel features around your home, whereas Knotwood ¬– a woodgrain finish that boasts the beauty and warmth of textured timber – creates a gorgeous, earthy aesthetic.

Not sure where to start? Let us take the pressure out of the process – we’ll work with you to understand your needs, and help you design a custom door that perfectly complements the style of your home. Contact us to speak to a B&D garage door expert about your desired style.

B&D Garage Door Dealers & Installers in Perth & Western Australia

Installing a new garage door isn’t the time to attempt a DIY. For your door to function correctly and safely, it must be installed by a trained professional. We have 10 professional dealers and installers throughout Perth and regional Western Australia who know what it takes to perform safe, quality garage door installations. Browse below to find your nearest B&D dealer.


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