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B&D Garage Doors Repair Melbourne

Garage door repairs Perth

Quality garage door repairs throughout Perth and Western Australia.

A quality garage door that’s been professionally installed can last years if it’s properly maintained. Servicing your door is just as important as servicing your car. Like the engine, your garage door is made up of countless moving parts designed to lift and lower the door, so consistent servicing not only keeps it in safe and functional working order but is essential to ensure its longevity. Ongoing servicing is also required to maintain your 10-Year Total Confidence Warranty (register here).

Regardless of the type of garage door or motor you have, you should aim to service it once in the first 12 months after installation and every two years thereafter.

Common garage door issues

Our professional Perth repairers can fix various garage door issues, including:

  • The garage door is stuck in the open or closed position
  • The garage door is not responding to the remote control
  • The garage door opener motor is making a strange sound
  • The garage door opens but the opener motor won’t stop running
  • A roller door is jammed or not moving
  • The garage door is squeaking
  • The garage door panel is broken
  • The garage door track is bent
  • The garage door is opening/closing slowly

Why choose B&D for your garage door repairs


Our expert team of Perth garage door repair technicians are licenced and professionally trained to ensure quality repair services.


With 65+ years of innovation, quality and care, we design all our products here in Australia, so we know them inside out.


We have a vast network of trusted B&D Accredited dealerships and service technicians across Perth, so you can rest assured we’re available to service your local area.

What to expect at a service

Our mobile B&D units are available throughout Perth and regional Western Australia to service your garage door and opener. A standard service with our repairer takes approximately 30 minutes and includes:

  • Lubrication of the garage door’s moving parts, including the chain drive, tracks, wheels or cable drum. This ensures your door travels smoothly and quietly.
  • Tightening of garage door mounting points, as well as door bolts, screws, cables and connectors. This ensures integrity of the garage door and tracks, and prevents failure associated with parts pulling away from fixing points.
  • Adjustment of spring tension to limit ‘spring fatigue’ or undue strain on the opener, reducing the likelihood of failure over time.
  • Adjustment of opener travel limits and force margin to ensure the door opens and closes to specification, without causing damage to the door or opener.
  • Assessment and adjustment of safety components and accessories including safety beams, Auto-Lock and Safe Lock (if installed).
  • Assessment of the garage door alignment along with the diagnosis of irregular operation remedies. Any critical issues may require additional repair work and will be quoted separately.

Emergency repair services

We offer emergency repair services in the event something goes wrong with your garage door or opener. Our repair technicians will immediately diagnose the problem and fix or replace affected parts. To arrange a repair with your nearest Perth technician, contact us on 13 62 63.

Schedule a service

To schedule a garage door service from our network of professionals, call us on 13 62 63, or find your nearest Perth dealer below.


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