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Servicing your garage door and opener is just as important as servicing your car. Much like the engine of your car, your garage door is made up of numerous moving parts designed to lift and lower your garage door safely and efficiently.

Ongoing preventative servicing ensures that your garage door continues to function within factory specifications and greatly reduces the risk of failure and repair bills down the track. Regular preventative servicing is also required to maintain your 10 Year Total Confidence Warranty (register your warranty here).

We recommend servicing your garage door once in the first 12 months after installation and every two years thereafter.

A standard garage door and opener service takes 30 minutes and includes:

  • Lubrication of the critical moving parts including chain drive, tracks, wheels or cable drum. This ensures your door travels smoothly and quietly.
  • Tightening of door mounting points along with door bolts, screws, cables and connectors. Delivering integrity of the door and tracks and preventing failure associated with parts pulling apart or away from fixing points.
  • Adjustment of spring tension to limit ‘spring fatigue’ or undue strain on the opener, reducing likelihood of failure over time.
  • Adjustment of opener travel limits and force margin to ensure the door opens and closes to specification, without causing damage to the door or opener.
  • Assessment and adjustment of safety components and accessories including safety beams, Auto-Lock and Safe Lock (if installed) Assessment of the door alignment and the diagnosis of irregular operation remedies. Any critical issues may require additional repair work and will be quoted separately.

Garage door repair & servicing should only be provided by a trained professional, call us or find reputable service and repair professional here.


Garage Door Repairs & Replacements

If something has gone wrong with your garage door or opener, you should schedule a repair service to diagnose the problem, fix or replace affected components and part. We design all our components right here in Australia, so we know them inside out. Plus, you’ll only ever work with us, straight and simple 

Some of the common Garage Door problems we fix include:

  • Garage door is stuck in the open or closed position
  • Garage door not responding to remote control
  • Garage door opener motor is making a strange sound
  • Garage door opens but opener motor won’t stop running
  • Roller Door is jammed or not moving
  • Garage door is making a squeaking sound
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Garage door panel is broken
  • Bent garage door track


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Read our four simple tips for maintaining your B&D Garage Door between services. 

  1. Protect against corrosion: Wash down the external surface of your door with clean water and a soft brush or cloth every 14 days, or more often in coastal areas. 
  1. Assist with smooth operation: clean the internal sections of the guide tracks with a cloth dampened with mineral turps or methalyted spirits. For rolling doors, polish the tracks to remove dirt. NOTE: Do not grease the lock.
  1. Reduce wear on hinges (Panelift® doors only): lubricate with an all purpose machine oil like RP7 or WD40. 
  1. Keep springs clean: If accessible, wipe over springs with an oily rag.


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Whether you’ve got a B&D garage door or not, it’s worth giving us a call every year or so. Our expert team of Garage Door Service Professionals can service and repair all makes and models, and will keep your garage door in perfect working order, maintain its warranty and prevent potentially expensive repairs.

We have a team of Garage Door Service Professionals across the country ready to help. Give us a call on 13 62 63 or complete an online form to get in touch with us today and we will arrange a time to visit your home and make sure your garage door is in perfect order. Easy as can B&D.