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Kennards Self Storage


The recently completed Kennards Self Storage (KSS) centre at Murarrie, Brisbane, is an example of where B&D was able to provide not only a solution, but to align with the customers’ key business objectives.
Kennards Self Storage is now proudly Australia’s largest self-storage operator, with 81 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Founded on values of quality, value, convenience and innovation, the entire KSS team strives to provide customers with an exceptional, secure storage experience.

The Task

The KSS brand and iconic orange and blue corporate colours can be seen proudly displayed in every corner of every complex. This profile extends to the individual storage units, with the storage lockup door having a high gloss orange finish. Provision of a high-gloss finish on a rolling door product presents an issue for many suppliers, as the process of rollforming sheets leaves the door with a curve in each sheet. The view of this belly in the vertical sheet is then enhanced by the consumer position of looking across the door down a walkway.


The Solution

 SolutionB&D overcame this issue with unique ‘brake press’ technology, stamping a rigid structural pattern onto each Roll-A-Door®. The door curtain remains flat, providing a clean vertical line on even the glossiest of finishes. Beyond superior clean lines, the B&D Roll-A-Door also aligns to the high operation standards Kennards sets for its consumer experience. B&D ensures this standard is maintained with the following product engineering tested standards:


  • Helical spring operation tailored to every door size.
  • Low maintenance Nylofelt running strips.
  • Double run bottom rail roller blocks.
  • Bottom rail guides stop tests to stringent Australian standards.



These provide Kennards with peace of mind knowing that the ongoing maintenance of the complex is reduced to a measurable standard that is set in place from day one. In addition to the individual storage unit security, B&D was also able to provide a large access shutter door solution with automation to the loading area of the Murarrie project. Working with its parent partner Dulux Powders, B&D was able to precisely match the corporate colour profile. Utilising its one group automation solution, B&D was also able to intelligently integrate into the centre’s advanced access control system with ATA superior logistics.

B&D is proud to be aligned withthe Kennards Self Storage team and looks forward to working with them on future projects.


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