Kid Safe


Safety should be a key consideration when selecting a garage door or opener, as a garage door will be the largest moving item in your house and failures can cause serious injury. Doors can vary dramatically in the safety features they include.

B&D believes the safety of your family and possessions is of the utmost importance, so we incorporate some of the most advanced safety features into our doors and openers, including:

Panelift range:

  • Pinchfree™ panel edge design, prevents finger entrapment between panels, both on the inside and outside of the door – no other door on the market offers this dual sided safety feature
  • Rolled over edges on stiles, panels and reinforcing, reducing the risk of cut fingers
  • In-line wheels and tracks that do not protrude behind the door, reducing the chance of finger entrapment at the sides of the door
Safety garage door panel lift

Roll-A-Door range:

  • Locking bar end covers to preventing injury to fingers
  • Steel door stops for reliable stopping every time
Roller door steel stops


Other accessories to improve safety & convenience for your family:

Safety infra-red beams can be fitted to openers as an optional extra, so the door will automatically stop and reverse, if the beam is broken whilst the door is closing. This means if a child, or pet, runs under the door while it is closing – as happens so often – the door will stop and reverse, without making contact with the child/pet. B&D recommend the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.


Garage doors safety infra-red beams


B&D Entry Keypad means that there is no need to worry about giving the kids a key to the house or a garage door opener transmitter. Install a B&D Entry Keypad to your automatic garage door – this allows entry to the garage without a remote control transmitter. Great for children, as they can enter the house with their pin number. Also ideal if you go out for a run, or to walk the dog, no need to carry a set of keys!


Garage door keypad opener


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