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They say there’s strength in numbers – and when you buy a B&D garage door from any of our B&D Accredited Dealership across Australia, you can do so with complete confidence knowing you have the absolute backing of our network and Australia’s most trusted brand in garage doors. That’s what we call the “Backed by B&D Promise” – and what you’ll call complete peace of mind.

Plus every B&D garage door and opener sold together is further backed by our 10-year Total Confidence Warranty



So when you choose to buy B&D from one our Accredited Dealerships, you choose reliability, assurity, local knowledge and peace of mind. Then, now and always.

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Terms & Conditions

The ‘Backed by B&D’ Promise serves to provide consumers with confidence that should they order a B&D Group Garage Door, Opener or Accessory from a B&D Accredited Dealership, B&D will ensure consumers receive the product they ordered – irrespective of whether the Dealership is in a position to fulfil the order as at the planned installation date. We stand behind all of our orders and support our consumers to ensure that the B&D products they order are supplied and installed as they originally intended.

The terms and conditions relating to this Promise are as follows:

  1. The ‘Backed by B&D’ Promise applies in respect of all B&D, ATA and CSI branded garage doors, openers and accessories ordered via our Accredited Dealership network in all States of Australia, in accordance with the below (Products).
  2. The ‘Backed by B&D’ Promise will apply if:
    1. a consumer enters into an agreement with a B&D Accredited Dealer to purchase a Product before 30th Sept 11:59 pm, which may be extended at the sole discretion of B&D;
    2. at the time of the agreement, the consumer pays to the Accredited Dealer the standard deposit amount (as agreed between the Accredited Dealer and the consumer); and
    3. the Accredited Dealership subsequently becomes unable to fulfil the purchase for the Product as a result of being declared bankrupt due to COVID-19, and:
      1. the bankruptcy is declared within 2 months of the date of the purchase; and
      2. there is no legal impediment to B&D stepping in to fulfil the purchase (for example, the liquidator has not decided that it will fulfil the purchase agreement on behalf of the Accredited Dealer).
  3. If all of the above conditions are satisfied, B&D Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 25 010 473 971) (B&D) will supply and install for the consumer the relevant Product(s) provided that the consumer consents to B&D taking over the order (the Accredited Dealership is required to notify B&D of any outstanding orders falling within clause (b) above). The supply and install by B&D will be subject to B&D’s standard terms and conditions of supply and install. Any warranties offered or given by the Accredited Dealer will not apply unless they are warranties given in writing by B&D.
  4. Subject to clause (e) below, the consumer will be required to pay to B&D the remaining amount owing for the supply and install, at the same price as agreed with the Accredited Dealer (as noted on the supplied invoice and less the deposit already paid to the Accredited Dealer) upon installation of the Product (Balance).
  5. The Balance must not be less than 50% of the total payable amount (including both Products and installation). If the Balance is less than 50% of the total payable amount, the consumer is still eligible to claim however they will be required to pay to B&D the shortfall up to 50%.
  6. As part of promoting this Promise to consumers, Accredited Dealerships agree to work with B&D in arranging installation (i.e. their installers will sub-contract to B&D at standard rates).
  7. This Promise is applicable for residential installations only.
  8. In the event B&D is required to fulfil the order, B&D may contact the consumer with relevant communications (such as service reminders, care and maintenance guidance, etc), as part of supporting the consumer throughout the duration of their purchase.