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B&D sectional garage doors are not only available in a wide range of designs with an incredible variety of finishes, they are also capable of being fully motorised through the addition of a sectional door opener – and we have a range to suit different needs. From the entry-level, affordable PanelPro, to the Controll-A-Door® Smart, which comes with smartphone control as a standard. Each sectional door motor includes standard safety and security features that can be further enhanced by powerful add-ons, but each also includes unique features that make them better suited to different sectional door designs, while also designed so that they can even be added to existing sectional doors that were never automated before.

If you're not sure which sectional door opener is right for your B&D sectional door, with one of our B&D To You Mobile Garage Door Showroom consultants for expert, professional advice.


All our sectional door motors are designed to operate quietly and quickly, and to open and close your garage door reliably for years to come, with a 5-7 year/10,000 - 20,000 cycle warranty as standard – or when purchased together with a B&D Garage Door, it is extended to our 10-Year Total Confidence Warranty for complete peace-of-mind. Regular servicing is essential to keep your motor working perfectly, but thanks to the built-in logics, you never have to try and remember when a service is due. Your B&D sectional door opener will alert you whenever a service is due.

Add-ons available for B&D Sectional Door Openers

Most of our sectional door motors come with two Tri-Tran+ Premium remote controls and a wall mounted remote control, but you can purchase more if two is not enough, or you happen to lose one of them. You can further extend the safety and security provided by B&D sectional door openers through the addition of the following available accessories: 

  • Combo Access Device or Emergency Key Release – A Rechargeable Battery Back Up is the most convenient way of ensuring you are still able to easily open and close you garage door when the power is out, but our Combo Access Device and Emergency Key Release would also allow you to open and close your garage door manually during a power outage.
  • Keyless Entry Keypad – Useful in instances where you need someone to be able to access your garage, but don’t want to give them a remote. Provide them with a PIN instead, which they can enter on the keypad.
  • Auto-Lock - Controll-A-Door Secure and Controll-A-Door Smart are compatible with the Auto-Lock system, which is a heavy-duty locking bolt for your door
  • Wireless Safety Beams – B&D sectional garage door motors are designed to detect when an object is struck, and the motor will immediately stop and reverse. But wireless safety beams prevent an automated garage door from even getting to this point. If the beam is broken by an object, animal, or person, the door won’t even start closing, and if the beam is broken while the door is closing, it will also stop immediately and reverse.
  • Smartphone Control Kits - If you purchase the Controll-A-Door Smart opener, our smartphone control technology is already built-in, but the same features can be added to most B&D garage door openers by purchasing our Smartphone Control Kit.