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Garage Door Safety & Security


Garage doors are the largest doors to our homes, but they are frequently overlooked when it comes to securing our homes. What many don’t realise is a closed garage door is not always a locked garage door. As Australia’s original and most trusted garage door solutions provider, at B&D Garage Doors and Openers we also want our products to contribute to making your home safer and more secure. Which is why all our doors support a range of accessories designed to make our doors and openers the toughest, the smartest, and the most secure you can buy.

Doors that don’t just close – They Lock Shut!

A common mistake made by homeowners when choosing a garage door is to believe that when the door is closed it is actually locked. Like your front door, there are multiple ways to lock your garage door to protect the things in your garage and home that are important to you. While a standard garage door with opener might not open easily, a determined intruder may be able to gain access via a garage door that is not properly secured.

Recognising this weakness in home security, our R&D team developed the B&D Auto-Lock: a keyless, heavy-duty locking bolt that is engaged automatically every time you close the garage door, preventing the door from being forced open. And while it must be paired with a compatible B&D Opener, it can be installed with almost any existing B&D garage door, making your home as safe as can B&D.

But security doesn’t stop there. At B&D Garage Doors and Openers, we extend the possibilities of safety and security further, with Smart Phone Control not only making it easy to open and close your garage door from anywhere – using only your smartphone – but also to notify you whenever your garage door is operated or left open for an extended period of time. If you also choose to install the B&D Rechargeable Battery Backup, you’ll never have to worry about being forced to manually open your garage door if the power is out. Convenient, yes, but also a fantastic security enhancement for your home.



And all B&D openers have two key safety features built-in: Automatic Reverse and Automatic Backdrive. Automatic Reverse is designed to protect your door and opener by preventing the door from closing on any obstruction; as soon as the closing door encounters an obstacle the opener will immediately stop and reverse. This built-in feature does work best when combined with our Wireless Safety Beams to stop and reverse the opener as soon as the infra-red beam is broken – think pets and children. Automatic Backdrive, however, is designed to further prevent forced entry, with the opener driving back down if the door is being forced open. 

We're so certain that our garage doors and openers are strong and secure enough to protect what matters to you that they are covered by our 10-year total confidence warranty when purchased together. With our safety and security accessories bringing further peace-of-mind, turning your garage door into a trusted guardian to your home.

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With our national fleet of B&D To You Mobile Garage Door Showrooms and an extensive network of Accredited B&D Dealerships, enhancing the safety and security of your garage is as simple as requesting a free measure and quote or giving us a call to schedule a consultation or request a quote.