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B&D’s iconic Roll-A-Door® has changed considerably since it was first introduced in 1956 yet remains instantly recognisable. From the clean lines of the door, through to the materials used and the finishes available. And thanks to the powerful and compact Controll-A-Door® Power Drive and Roll-A-Pro®, full automation is also possible for your roller garage door. Switch from the opening and closing of your garage door being a chore to being simple, secure and convenient, adding an extra layer of security with features like automatic back-drive that drives the door down if it senses unwanted forced entry. Adding a B&D roller door motor to your garage door improves safety and security as you no longer need to worry about having to manually open and close your garage door late at night or in the middle of a powerful storm. The perfect blend of security and convenience.   

Our roller door openers are purpose designed to work with all B&D roller doors and can even be added to an existing roller door, making it possible to add automation without replacing your garage door. Arrange a free visit from a B&D To You consultant or one of our many Accredited B&D Dealerships throughout Australia to see if your existing roller door is suitable for automation, or to request a quote for a new installation.

Dependable & quiet operation

All of our roller door openers are stress tested to ensure they open and close your garage door quickly and quietly, year after year, no matter the size of the door. Our Controll-A-Door® Power Drive motor has a greater peak pulling force, making it suitable for doors up to 16.5m2 in size, and backed by a 7-year/20,000 cycle warranty. The more economical Roll-A-Pro® has a slightly lower peak pulling force, supporting doors up to 15m2 in size. The Roll-A-Pro comes with a 5-year/10,000 cycle warranty, suitable for lower use applications. When coupled with a B&D garage door, the warranty is increased to our 10-year Total Confidence Warranty, for complete peace of mind. Both roller door motors require regular servicing at varying intervals to maximise the life of the motor. And thanks to built-in logics, your roller door motor will automatically alert you when a service is due. All of our roller door openers include a soft start and soft stop feature that minimises the stress on the opener, while also helping to reduce noise when opening or closing the door.

Powerful add-ons

Make your B&D roller door opener even more convenient, while enhancing the existing safety and security features, by including one or more of these powerful add-ons: 

  • Keyless Entry Keypad – allow your children, dog walker, or contractor to open the garage door without the need for a remote.
  • Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Controls – additional Tri-Tran+ Premium remote controls can be purchased if you lose a remote, or simply need more remotes. Our Tri-Tran+™ advanced encryption technology limits interference from other wireless devices.
  • Wireless Safety Beams - although our roller door motors are able to detect when the garage door makes contact with any obstruction and automatically stops and reverses, the addition of infra-red safety beams means the door won't even begin to close if the beam is broken.
  • Smartphone Control Kits – both of our roller door motors both support the addition of our Smartphone Control Kit, which would allow you to control and monitor your garage door through your smartphone.

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