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Garage Door Opener & Motors


Controlling your garage door has never been easier.

There's huge value in installing a new garage door together with a motor. After all, the ability to drive in and out of your garage without having to get out to open or close the door is a convenience many simply can’t do without! B&D garage door motors help protect the things that are precious to you, with a range of garage door openers that pair perfectly with any type of B&D garage door.

Whether you are looking to add a garage door motor to one of our sectional or roller doors - or something stronger for a B&D commercial door - you'll find the ideal solution for your needs in our range of sectional door motors, roller door motors, and commercial door motors. The best time to automate your garage door is when having a new B&D door installed, however all of our residential garage door openers can also be added to an existing B&D door, making it easy to switch from opening your garage door manually to opening it at the press of a button without necessarily having to install a brand new door.

Available everywhere

 Thanks to our national fleet of B&D To You Mobile Garage Door Showrooms and extensive network of Accredited B&D Dealerships, you can be sure that you will never struggle to have a B&D garage door or opener installed or serviced Australia-wide.

Our Sectional Door Motor range combines secure, smooth and reliable garage door control with our warranty peace of mind.

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Our roller door openers feature the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors.


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B&D’s commercial door motor range features sophisticated commercial roller door opening technology and superior pulling power.

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Fast, quiet, and durable

The B&D research and development team understand what matters most to customers when automating a garage door: they want the door to open quickly, quietly, reliably over many years. The inclusion of soft start and stop technology slows the door at the very start and finish of the operation, which in turn reduces stress on the motor, whilst also resulting in quieter, smoother operation. This is further enhanced through the Controll-A-Door® Secure, Controll-A-Door® Smart, and Controll-A-Door® Power Drive openers all including a service indicator to alert you when the opener is due for a service to maximise the life of the motor.

Plus, we're so sure of the dependability of our garage door motors that most of them include a 5-year/10,000 cycle or 7-year/20,000 cycle warranty – or when purchased together with a B&D Garage Door, it is extended to our 10-Year Total Confidence Warranty for complete peace-of-mind.


Customisable to meet your needs

Most B&D garage door openers include two premium remote controls, along with a wall mounted button. Plus all of our door motors also support a range of optional accessories to extend the convenience or enhance the safety and security benefits of your garage door. These include: 

  • Emergency Key Release, enabling you to still manually open your garage door during a power outage.
  • Rechargeable Battery Back Up, allowing the garage door motor to still work even if the power is out, without requiring you to manually open or close the door.
  • Keyless Entry Keypad, enabling the use of a PIN to open or close the garage door.
  • Auto-Lock, allowing you to automatically lock your B&D garage door and prevent break-ins.
  • Wireless Safety Beams that prevent automated garage doors from closing when a person, animal, or object is blocking the path.
  • Smartphone Control Kits, allowing you to open, close, and even monitor your garage door using a WiFi or network connected smartphone. Controll-A-Door Smart has Smartphone Control built-in, but this feature can be added to any B&D garage door opener through the inclusion of our Smartphone Control Kit.