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Since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the B&D brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation. At the same time, our products have had a profound impact on urban streetscapes and the Australian dream of home-ownership.

From the development of our initial revolutionary all-steel garage door made from pressed metal sheets that could be rolled and unrolled as a continuous flexible curtain without cracking, we have continued to invest heavily in research and development. Through constantly delivering design and functionality improvements, B&D has been able to maintain its market leadership position for more than 50 years.


Long lasting, hardwearing and good-looking
For many homes a garage door provides an integral part of its street-facing appearance. That’s why B&D not only manufactures doors that meet the toughest tests for performance, long life and durability, but also ones that provide the highest levels of aesthetic appeal.

Custom made and fitted to the exact requirements of each opening, B&D doors are available in the elegance of moulded steel and aluminium, the warmth of timber or the practicality of fibreglass.


Leading the way in residential and industrial door and shutter solutions 
With manufacturing plants across Australia as well as in New Zealand and Hong Kong, B&D is today recognised as the specialist in residential as well as industrial garage doors and shutters. Our products include the ever popular Roll-A-Door as well as Australia’s premium Pinchfree sectional garage door, the B&D Panelift and other innovative designs.

To date, we have manufactured well in excess of five million garage doors worldwide, with more than 2.5 million Roll-A-Doors sold in Australia alone.


State-of-the-art fail-proof opening technologies 
In addition to manufacturing excellence, B&D has continued to harness the power of cutting edge technologies to deliver greater convenience for end users. An example of this is the incorporation of Tri-Tran Multi Frequency technology into the Contoll-A-Door range of openers, which eliminates the interference issues that increasingly affect openers using 433Mhz frequency operating systems.


An unparalleled network of trained professional dealers
An Australia wide network of B&D Accredited Dealers ensures that the highest levels of customer service and support back every B&D product.

B&D Accredited Dealers undergo extensive training in all aspects of our products, including installation and maintenance procedures. In addition, they submit to twice-yearly testing in areas of product knowledge and customer service. As an expert in B&D doors, shutters and openers, your local B&D Accredited Dealer is able to provide comprehensive advice on the best solution for your individual requirements as well as the assurance that all service and maintenance issues will be dealt with efficiently and effectively..