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 Our number one priority is to help you choose a garage door that is safe, secure, stylish and smart — in other words: perfect. Hopefully, we’ve left you with plenty to consider. Give B&D To You a call, and let’s create your perfect solution. We’re ready when you are.




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Start with the basics: do you want a roller door or a sectional door? Both styles have their place and purpose, and we’ll help you figure out what’s best for you. After that comes the fun bit: finding your style. Should your door blend in with your home, or make a statement? Classic woodgrain, or contemporary Colourbond? As part of the DuluxGroup, we can easily sort you out with a stunning custom powder coat.

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Every garage door in Australia is as perfectly unique as its home. The subtle differences in the length, width and height of every home means most doors must be custom made. That’s why Measure & Quotes are industry standard. If you’d like to learn a little more about how much garage doors cost and why, have a read of our pricing article. We’ll give you a ballpark to manage expectations, and tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice for you.

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If dust, embers and extreme temperatures are a concern for you, we have the perfect solutions to keep your garage sealed and insulated. Or, if you have a door connecting your garage to your home, insulating your garage will help you keep your home’s internal temperature stable. Remember, a B&D garage door can do a lot more than just open and close. We’ll help you figure out exactly what kinds of features you’ll need.

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Your home and garage hold all kinds of irreplaceable valuables, that’s why it’s important to pick the right security features for you. Many garage doors don’t lock themselves. Ours do; the B&D Auto-Lock will secure your door and your valuables inside. But what if you head out, and you can’t remember if you closed your garage at all? No problem: not only can you close it with our smartphone app, you can even check if anyone’s accessed it while you’re away.

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Garage door security should be front of mind when buying a new door. Here are 8 key features to look for to ensure your home is properly protected.

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With our wide range of door designs, styles and features, it helps to visit a showroom where you can touch and test our products yourself. But why not make things easy and have a showroom visit you? B&D To You is a mobile showroom that brings the entire experience to your driveway. We’ll bring working models and large-scale samples that you can put right up to your own house. Give us a time that suits you, and our friendly B&D expert will be there for a free consult and quote. Call 13 62 63

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Consider where you garage is in relation to your home’s bedrooms. If there are rooms directly above or beside it, then noise becomes a factor. Our openers and door tracks are meticulously designed to open smoothly and keep noise to a comfortable minimum. We also have the perfect garage insulation solutions to block out any street noise, which is great if you happen to live in a noisy neighbourhood.

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For kids and pets, or even just your car, you’ll need an automatic door you can trust to open & close when it's meant to. Our infrared wireless safety beams do the trick. If the infra-red beam is interrupted while the garage door is closing, it immediately sends the door back up.

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B&D Doors have been creating iconic garage doors for Australian homes for over 60 years. We’re one of a small handful of companies that manufacture doors and openers specifically designed to work together. That’s what makes our garage doors and motors reliable enough to come with a 10-year warranty, when you buy them together. And if something does go wrong, you won’t get the run around — you’ll be dealing directly with us. We know our products inside out, so we’ll figure out and fix any problems you might have.

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We look at the key differences between sectional and roller garage doors to help you decide on the best type of garage door for your needs.

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