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Help prevent break-ins with B&D’s most secure garage door solution



multiple layers of protection

As one of the main entry points your home, the security of your garage door should be just as important as your front door.

At B&D we now offer the most secure garage door solution on the market, our Panelift Icon Sectional Garage Door with a Controll-A-Door Smart Garage Door Opener.

Combined, you can enjoy a host of features to increase home security. For the forgetful among us, there’s even an option to be notified if you’ve left your garage door open! *


The multiple layers of protection to ensure your garage security include:


- Sensing technology designed to detect and resist a forced entry

- Our Safe Lock system, an extra layer of security that automatically locks if an intruder tries to lift the door

- Tri-Tran+ secure protocol technology to prevent hacking

- Auto-Lock – a built-in heavy-duty bolt that locks every time you close your garage door, preventing thieves from forcing the door open

- Alerts sent to your phone if a break-in attempt is detected*

- Remote monitoring from your smart phone for increased safety, security and convenience

 *Subject to cellular and Wi-Fi connection and availability


safe lock close up


Don’t forget, you can take advantage of our comprehensive 10 Year Total Confidence Warranty whenever you buy an eligible B&D garage door and opener together, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure for years to come.


How to make your existing garage more secure


If you already have an existing B&D automated garage door and want to upgrade your door security system, we can help. Contact your local B&D team and we’ll assist in finding the right security solution for you. 

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