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Perforated garage doors inject flair and individuality into a façade. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, B&D’s range of Perf Panel designer garage doors are made from durable aluminium and laser-cut with your chosen unique design.


If you’re after a more open feel to your garage, opt for a perforated, patterned garage door instead of a solid one. Featuring 2.5mm marine-grade aluminium cut into a variety of stylish and unique designs, Perf Panel decorative garage doors are a beautiful way to accentuate the appearance of your property, without compromising on security.


Solid walls and doors can restrict sunlight and airflow, depriving your garage of much-needed ventilation. Ideal for homes in warmer climates, Perf Panel doesn’t limit the entry of a cooling breeze and allows just enough sunlight through to brighten up the space.


B&  Designer Door_Perf Panel


Perf Panel doors are made from an extremely durable perforated or laser cut aluminium, offering high-level security. Solid doors can deprive you of the ability to see beyond your front yard, so a perforated garage door can be beneficial if you’d like to see what’s going on outside.

When paired with a B&D Smart Pro opener, your automated Perf Panel door comes equipped with Auto-Lock – an innovative automatic locking mechanism that ensures your door is locked shut – and Smart Phone Control, so you can operate your door with your smartphone, from wherever you are in the world. A Garage Door Camera and Wireless Safety Beams are also included with the Smart Pro, so you won’t need to sacrifice style for safety.


Perf Panel is, as the name suggests, an exciting range of doors cut of perforated in a variety of creative designs, bringing real personality to garage doors and car parts. Our designers transform 2.5mm marine grade aluminium into art pieces that you get to interect with everyday around your home. Perf Panel is popular choice for home owners in warmers climates where air flow is encouraged and where solid door would otherwise limit the entry of a cooling breeze. Choose from designs and powder coated designer colours. We can also add an acrylic or Colorbond backing as clear, or semi-opaque privacy screen to let light in and not the weather.


B&D Perf Panel Colour Options-Residential

B&D & Decoview

B&D have an exclusive collaboration with Decoview, a market leader in laser cut decorative security screen doors and windows. So you can rest assured your Perf Panel garage door will be unique, exude style, and offer the highest level of security.


Perf Panel garage doors offer an entirely new window of creative opportunity for architects and designers of multi-residential buildings, car parks and inner-city projects. Visually appealing while also encouraging ventilation, a precision-perforated aluminium door will transform a space – or an entire building – without compromising on safety or security.


B&D Commercial_Perf Panel


Our Perf Panel Commercial series offers architects and designers of multi-residential new builds, carparks and inner city repurposed projects (to name a few), a product with which to express a modern, industrial stance while delivering the high level of mechanical security, while providing ventilation, the product is intended for. Talk to us about your plans, we have a precision perforated aluminium door design that will fit the task and favourably feature the personality of your project.




When installing your Perf Panel garage door, pair it with a B&D Smart Pro opener, which includes Auto-Lock – an automatic locking system that engages a heavy-duty bolt to lock your door when it’s closed.

The Smart Pro also comes fully equipped with two Tri-Tan+ Premium Remote Controls, a Garage Camera and Smart Phone Control Kit so you can easily manage and monitor access. Wireless Safety Beams are also included to ensure your door won’t close on something or someone in the doorway, as well as a Rechargeable Battery Back Up for peace of mind that your door will still operate during a power outage.

For more information about the Perf Panel collection, or for a complimentary measure and quote, contact us on 13 62 63. Otherwise, find your nearest B&D Accredited dealer here.