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With more homeowners embracing bronze, copper, iron and nickel accents throughout the home, semi-precious metals are a new must-have in garage door design. Warm, characteristic and prone to developing a pleasant patina overtime, our Axolotl collection features designer garage doors in a range of metal finishes that will add a touch of elegance to any façade.



B&D & Axolotl

The Axolotl collection was born from an exciting collaboration between B&D and Axolotl, an Australian-owned architectural products supplier specialising in semi-precious, 100 per cent recycled metal.

A garage door’s surface makes it ideal for the application of metals and laser cut patterns, resulting in a truly unique and revolutionary design. Axolotl Applied Metal is a high-quality metal coating for interior and exterior application, where softened semi-precious metals such as copper, iron, nickel or bronze are applied to the surface of a garage door. This is ideal for those looking to amplify the design of their door by recreating the appearance of solid metal without any cost or weight restrictions.


Axolotl has pushed the boundaries of design since 1995 when it pioneered the bonding of semi-precious metal onto any substrate. With a shared passion for innovation and design, B&D® and Axolotl have partnered to develop a range of premium garage doors demonstrating new aesthetics that meet the increasingly diverse requirements of architects and home owners alike. This option allows you to create an individual masterpiece of garage door design and really stretch their imagination, as they can choose custom combinations from a range of metals, textures and patinas.




When installing your Axolotl garage door, we recommend pairing it with the B&D Smart Pro opener, which comes fully equipped with Auto-Lock,an automatic locking system that engages a heavy-duty bolt to lock your door when it’s closed. Two Tri-Tan+ Premium Remote Controls,a Garage Camera, Wireless Safety Beams , Smart Phone Control Kit and Rechargeable Battery Back Up are also included for enhanced security and safety.

With the Smart Pro opener, you can control your door with a smartphone, regardless of location, as it comes fully equipped with Smart Phone Control. Monitor and manage access to your garage with a Garage Camera and Wireless Safety Beams guarantee your garage door won’t close on something or someone in the doorway. Battery Backup gives you peace of mind that you can operate your door if the power goes out. All of this is in included in your new Smart Pro opener.

Premium extras

Every garage door in the Axolotl collection can be upgraded with several accessories and add-ons to enhance design and safety. For the ultimate in garage luxury, opt for insulation, a flush mount system or powder-coated frame and hardware.

For more information about the Axolotl collection, or for a complimentary measure and quote, contact us on 13 62 63. Otherwise, find your nearest B&D Accredited dealer here.