New trend for carports

Garage door for carportsThe humble carport is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as homeowners turn to the improved safety and sleek look of enclosed garages.

Carports can easily and economically be enclosed through the installation of a garage door and the addition of aesthetic side panels.

“There’s quite a big market in carport renovations these days because people have got structures that were built in the 70’s and want to make them look presentable,” explained Martin Spratley of Sydney-based B&D Accredited Dealer Garage Doors & Automations.
“It provides a better looking finish to the house and from the street provides the look of a fully-enclosed garage.”

Garage Doors and Automations recently provided a complete carport enclosure package to a home in Sydney’s North. A B&D Panelift Statesman door was added, and the carport also received a facelift when matching side panels and fascia were installed.

The door is automated using a B&D Automatic Opener, providing the homeowner with the convenience of still being able to access the area without the need to get out of the car.

“We’ve had a lot of friends who have enclosed their carport and we thought it was a good idea for us,” said homeowner Pat King.

“We enclosed the carport to improve the overall look and appearance of the home and we think it has made the home look neater.”

As well as offering privacy from the street, enclosing a carport provides improved security for the home and is a deterrent to car thieves.

It also provides cars with protection from the elements, as well as creating an enclosed area for additional storage or work.

As with a standard garage, homeowners can select from a full range of garage door types, colours and styles for their carport.

The B&D Panelift Statesman offers an ideal solution for most carport enclosures.
The technologically advanced sectional door comprises hinged horizontal panels that lift up and lie parallel with the ceiling of the garage when open – maintaining head room in the carport.

All B&D Panelift steel garage doors are made from Colorbond steel and are designed with appearance, operation and durability in mind.

While regulations vary between councils and states, carports can mostly be fitted with a garage door without the need for timely or costly building inspections or council approvals.

B&D has a series of Accredited Dealers throughout Australia who specialise in offering B&D products and commit to a high service and standards level.
Installing a garage door to a carport generally takes no more than a day.
For more information on B&D’s extensive range of garage doors and openers visit our Product Search.