New doors provide new look

Garage door renovationsMany homeowners on tight budgets overlook the option of replacing and upgrading their garage doors – one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of achieving eye-catching renovation results.

Often accounting for more than half the street frontage of a typical family home, new garage doors can both enhance the look and increase the value of a home.
Sydney homeowners Paul and Lorraine Richmond, of Baulkham Hills, decided to replace their garage doors as part of their overall renovation and extension plans.
“We’ve been here for 16 years, and wanted to start some worthwhile home improvements,” Paul said.

“Basically, we wanted to give the house a facelift, modernise it, keep it fresh – you’ve got to do that occasionally. We started with the garage as it’s the first thing you see at the front of the house.”

Replacing the old rolling doors - which had been on the double garage since the house was built - with two new B&D Panelift Statesman garage doors, provided the Richmond family with a range of aesthetic, security and functionality benefits.
It was the quiet operation of the Panelift Statesman model that attracted the Richmonds to the new B&D garage doors.

“The garage sits directly below our bedroom,” Paul said. “The old doors were always noisy as they rolled up and down. When we looked into it, we found B&D made a quieter door.”
B&D’s patented Panelift system is quieter, smoother and safer than its predecessors.
The internal axis Pinchfree™ hinge, which works on the same mechanical principle as a finger joint, reduces the likelihood of fingers being caught on the inside or outside of the door.

Made of polypropylene, this hinging system also eliminates the rattling and metal-to-metal noises associated with conventional steel hinges.
The street frontage of the Richmonds’ home is dominated by a double garage, and like many homeowners, the family usually enters the house through the garage rather than the front door.

“To be honest, I don’t even have a front door key,” Paul said.
“We always come through the garage. Having the doors fitted with an automatic opener makes this even easier.”

The doors came complete with the latest Controll-A-Door P Diamond Series openers after the Richmonds broke a number of keys off in their old doors.
The Diamond Series openers feature a host of advanced features, including a “soft start-soft finish” for smooth and quiet opening and closing; an auto close feature to automatically close the door once you’ve driven in or out; and  an inbuilt reversing feature, returning the door to the open position should it hit an object or person while closing.

The four handy key-ring openers – one for Paul, Lorraine and both of their mothers-in-law – use one of almost 3.5 billion unique codes to open and close the door, providing each user with the ultimate in security.

The family of five visited the local B&D accredited dealer showroom where garage door design, functionality features and colour choices were on display.
They selected the contemporary look of the Panelift Statesman in Classic Cream, a natural colour choice to match the house.

“The new doors are a great improvement,” Paul said. “They are much quieter, look better and come with an automatic opener for convenience.”

Installed by the local B&D accredited dealer, the Panelift Statesman comes with a B&D warranty – ensuring the Richmond family will not have to worry about their garage doors for many years to come.

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