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Blaxland Home Services

Garage Doors - Blaxland, Richmond

Blaxland Home Services was started by George Pieren some 25 years ago, after 7 years previous experience in the door industry. Son Peter learned from his Dad and went out to work on his own in the Newcastle area until 1999, when he returned to rejoin George and is now progressively running the business.

The emphasis always was and remains on top quality products and excellent, personal service.

Our motto: "Do it once, do it right". This approach has served us well over the years, and is we believe more important to our numerous clients than a cheap price. One always gets what one is prepared to pay for.

Our products include:

B&D Garage Doors

  • Panelift
  • Firmapanel
  • Panelmasta
  • Roll-A-Door
  • Firmadoor
  • Rollmasta

Automatic Garage Door Openers

  • Controll-A-Door Openers
  • B&D Branded Accessories

Industrial Doors

  • B&D Industrial Doors

Services available:
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance and repairs

Opening hours:


Suburbs we service

Blaxland | Glenbrook | Mount Riverview | Warrimoo | Emu Heights | Emu Plains | Sun Valley | Valley Heights | Lapstone | Regentville

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