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A sectional door is made from sturdy panels that run on tracks vertically up and horizontally across the garage ceiling. This type of door is also known as a sliding garage door, an overhead garage door or an "up and over".

B&D’s range of sectional doors are called Panelift, which are extremely durable and secure. Though since most sectional doors don’t actually lock when they’re closed, enhance the safety of your door with B&D’s Auto-Lock – an innovative, heavy-duty locking bolt that automatically engages every time the door is closed.

If you're considering a purchase, read on for some must-know facts and features of our sectional doors before making a decision.



1. The vertical opening-and-closing action of a sectional garage door saves space on your driveway. You can park cars directly in front of the garage without impacting the operation of the garage door.

2. Sectional garage doors are made to accommodate a range of garage sizes and specifications of both single and double openings.

3. B&D sectional garage doors consist of a series of rigid panels with pinch-free finger-safe hinges, carried on tracks to be stored horizontally across the garage ceiling when open. A must if you care for curious children!

4. Design options for sectional garage doors are plentiful. Garage doors are made to measure to suit your individual style and needs, you can easily achieve modern or traditional looks using the area of the panels as a canvas.



5. Garage ceiling space is limited with the use of a sectional garage door compared to a roller door, meaning the area can’t be used for storage or lighting.

6. A sectional door is strong and extremely secure. They’re manufactured with reliable, durable panels, ensuring the door is secure when it’s opened and closed.

7. With a range of security upgrades available on all B&D sectional garage doors, such as Auto-Lock, Wireless Safety Beams and Smart Phone Control, it’s never been simpler to properly secure your garage.

7. Sectional garage doors can often accommodate windows where other types can’t. Windows on a garage door allow extra light and create a fantastic design element.



8. Insulation is available on all B&D sectional garage doors – a great feature that can keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months. This is perfect if you’re looking to use your garage space for other purposes than simply storing cars – perhaps a home gym, office or chill-out zone for the kids.

9. Manual garage door operation is possible, but not common, which is why most homeowners opt for an automatic opener. Browse B&D’s range of sectional door openers here. An opener is ideal for large and double sectional garage doors due their heavy nature.

10. Maintenance of a sectional garage door is simple, but regular servicing is also highly recommended, and required should you wish to maintain your 10 year warranty. A B&D specialist garage door technician should regularly service all moving parts to ensure your sectional door is operating correctly. It’s recommended you have your sectional door serviced once in the first 12 months, and every two years thereafter.


The B&D difference

  • While sectional garage doors can be made from a variety of materials, B&D prefers the strength and durability of Australian steel for all Panelift and Panelift Icon doors. Each panel is made with sturdy, reinforced COLORBOND steel and tested to withstand Australia’s varied climate.
  • Every B&D sectional door features a pinch-free, finger-safe design (invented by B&D) to prevent fingers from being caught between the hinges.
  • Every garage door in the Panelift range features 360-perimetre seals to keep dust, leaves and debris out.
  • All B&D sectional doors feature custom-designed guides for naturally smooth, quiet operation.
  • B&D sectional doors feature customisable spring options, selected based on your exact needs and requirements to ensure the door operates how it should.
  • Panelift Icon comes fully equipped with Auto-Lock – an advanced automatic locking mechanism that engages a heavy-duty bolt to ensure your door is locked shut, every time. Smooth Track, twin-wheel systems also ensure even smoother, quieter performance.



  • If you are building your new home from scratch, B&D’s Designer Series offers a range of architecturally inspired garage door designs that are as beautiful as they are functional. Options include eco-friendly composite materials, non-stick graffiti-proof timber, perforated panels, semi-precious metals and matched profiles. The possibilities are endless!



  • B&D Panelift come in a variety of additional options to suit extreme weather conditions:
    • BAL-Maze™ is Australia's only CSIRO-tested BAL-rated door system offering maximum protection against bush fire.
    • Choose the Storm Shield option if you live in a storm prone area. The extra strength of high tensile galvanised steel and the patented Track-Lock Technology, engages the door during a high wind event.
    • Windpanel is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 317 kph for use in all cyclone-affected regions throughout Australia.


  • Pair your B&D sectional door with a B&D Smart Opener. Our Smart Opener comes equipped with a Smart Phone Control Kit that allows you to operate and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world, using nothing but your smartphone!
  • B&D’s 10-year Total Confidence Warranty provides peace of mind that your door will look and operate the way it should, year after year.


Now that you're suitably informed about sectional garage doors, the next step is simple. Contact B&D for a free measure and quote from a friendly Accredited B&D Dealership near you.