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Garage roller doors, roller shutter garage doors or however you know them, have been around for a long while. In fact, B&D invented them!

Today, 65 years after B&D introduced the first-ever Roll-A-Door, the space-saving, no-nonsense design of our roller door range makes them popular for modern or traditional homes, multiple tenancies and industrial buildings. Below, are the 10 most important things you need to know when considering a garage roller door purchase.



Benefits of garage roller doors

1. Garage roller doors consist of a metal curtain that rolls vertically to be housed like a carpet-roll directly above the door opening, leaving the ceiling area free. B&D only use steel drums for the curtain to roll up against, not plastic compared to others on the market.

2. Nylofelt® running strips (invented by B&D) ensure all B&D roller garage doors open and close seamlessly and quietly.

3. The vertical opening-and-closing action of a roller garage door saves space on your driveway. You can park cars directly in front of the garage without it interfering with the ability to open and close the door.

4. Internal garage space can also be fully utilised, with minimal intrusion from a roller door. That means you can use the garage for many other purposes than simply storing cars.

5. A roller door only requires space directly above the opening. Roller garage doors are space-efficient in garages where headroom is limited, which is ideal for older properties that may not fit a sectional garage door due to the tracks required across the ceiling.

6. With a roller garage door installed, ceiling space remains available for uses such as storage racks or lighting.

7. B&D offers a wide range of roller door options to suit even the harshest weather conditions. B&D Wind Rated roller doors have been independently tested and certified for use in high-wind or cyclone-affected areas.

8. All garage doors are made to measure, so B&D can manufacture roller garage doors to a broad range of sizes, suiting single and double residential garages, as well as storage units and larger industrial premises.

9. B&D roller doors are incredibly safe and secure, often featuring a sliding bar mechanism that locks into side channels internally, making them secure in the face of forced entry. B&D has also introduced its innovative Auto-Lock to its range of garage roller doors. Auto-Lock features a heavy-duty locking bolt that automatically engages every time you close your garage door, offering an entirely new level of security for roller doors.

10. Roller doors can be fully automated for added security and peace of mind. B&D automatic openers feature Automatic Backdrive, which drives the door back down if it senses unwanted forced entry, as well as Automatic Reverse, which stops the door from closing on an obstruction in its path. Browse B&D’s range of roller door openers here.


The B&D difference

  • B&D’s unique 'brake press' technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each steel Roll-A-Door. This ensures B&D doors remain flat and strong for a lifetime. The pressed 'square-line' profile helps reduce the deflection in the door curtain caused by wind pressure.
  • Roll-A-Door Neo provides the convenience of a roller door installation with the stylish look of a sectional door. They’re twice the thickness compared to other roller doors and come standard with the B&D Controll-A-Door Power Drive automatic opener.



  • B&D first introduced Nylofelt running strips, which feature in all Roll-A-Doors to provide super quiet, greaseless operation.
  • All Roll-A-Door drums are made from sturdy, castellated steel, not plastic like others on the market.
  • A weather strip along the bottom of each B&D Roll-A-Door helps to restrict the entry of water and leaves.
  • All B&D Roll-A-Doors are tested for 20,000–30,000 up-and-down cycles – if you open and close your garage door five time per day, that’s equivalent to over 15 years!
  • Exclusive to B&D, the Timber Coat range offers stylish wood-look finishes to replicate the look and feel of textured timber.
  • B&D's Wind Rated Roller Door features wind clips fitted to the curtain profile for superior strength in high wind-prone areas.



  • Every Roll-A-Door features a sturdy locking mechanism to help prevent unwanted intrusion.
  • For peace of mind, all B&D Roll-A-Doors are backed by a 10-year Total Confidence Warranty when purchased with a Controll-A-Door automatic opener.
  • Pair your B&D Roll-A-Door with an automatic opener and a Smart Phone Control Kit to operate and monitor your garage door from anywhere, using nothing but a smart phone!



  • With factories across the country, B&D manufactures all garage roller doors and openers right here in Australia.
  • With a nationwide network of B&D Accredited dealers and installers, a professional is not far away to help you choose the right garage door solution to suit your needs and budget.


Are you ready to discover the roller door possibilities at your place? For a complimentary measure and quote consultation, contact B&D to discuss your exact needs and requirements with our helpful team.