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Are you looking for a reliable, secure automatic garage door for your home, but unsure about prices? No two garages are the same, and every B&D garage door is made to measure, so it’s crucial that a qualified professional conducts a measure and quote prior to installation. Below are the average prices you can expect for a B&D automatic garage door, based on the type of door you’re after.


Door Type

Single Garage Door

Double Garage Door

B&D Roller Door


(Door Only)



(Door Only)



Automatic Opener + $600 Approximately.


B&D Sectional Door


(Door Only)



(Door Only)



Automatic Opener + $700–$1500 Approximately




Roller Garage Doors

B&D’s revolutionary Roll-A-Doors are secure, economic roller doors with a 60-year legacy of engineering excellence. Featuring Nylofelt strips (invented by B&D) for smooth, quiet operation and made using unique ‘brake press’ technology, they’re extremely robust doors designed to keep your home secure.

Single roller doors start from $1200 and range up to approximately $3100 depending on height and width measurement, and the look you want to achieve. B&D’s double garage roller doors vary from $1600 to approximately $4100.

Roller Door Automation

Although a roller door can be manually operated, it’s recommended you install one with an automatic opener. Automating your roller door ensures convenience and – importantly – extra security.

All B&D openers have standard security features built in: Automatic Reverse and Automat-ic Backdrive. Automatic Reverse prevents the door from closing on any obstruction; as soon as the closing door encounters an obstacle in its path, the opener will immediately stop and reverse. Automatic Backdrive is designed to further prevent forced entry, with the opener driving back down if the door is being forced open.

There are additional safety upgrades like Auto-Lock and wireless safety beams available to help further protect your home, read more about these below.

When purchased with a genuine B&D automatic opener, roller doors are backed by B&D’s 10-year Total Confidence Warranty – so you can rest easy knowing your door will function safely and reliably for many years to come.


Roller Door Automation


Sectional Garage Doors

Many different factors can affect the cost of a B&D Panelift garage door. Every door is be-spoke, so options such as size, profile, colour and finish can all make a difference to the price.

Single sectional doors start from $1800 and range up to approximately $5100, while double-sized doors vary from $2500 to around $9900. The height, as well as the width, will impact these costs.

The Designer Series offers robust, secure sectional doors in a series of stylish collections. With a vast array of luxury cladding and customisable style choices for new home builders, speak to your B&D installer about which collection will best suit your new home. Browse the full collection here.

If you’ve considered using your garage for more than just storing cars, insulation is a great way to reduce noise and create a more stable temperature. Whether you’re looking to convert the space into a home gym, office, playroom or extra living zone, insulating your sectional door can keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months. While insulation costs will depend on the size of your door, as a general rule of thumb, it might add 20 to 30 percent to the cost.


Sectional garage doors


Sectional Door Automation

Automating your sectional door provides greater convenience, as well as safety and security. Automatic openers remove the need for a fixed lock and handle, which is a common target among thieves.

There are different sectional motors available to lift and lower your door, and the pulling power needed to lift and lower the weight and size of your bespoke door. You can expect to pay from $700 to $1500 for a sectional garage door motor, but it’s recommended you discuss automation options with a specialist B&D consultant. They’ll be able to tailor a package suited to your exact needs and requirements.

All B&D garage doors and motors are meticulously tested to open and close 20,000 to 30,000 times, equating to more than 10 years of operation. That’s why, when paired with an automatic opener, every B&D garage door is backed by a 10-year Total Confidence War-ranty, because they’re designed to last.


Sectional door automation


Optional extras and add-ons

Garage doors are the largest doors in the home, but they’re often the least secure. Keep your home, your family and your valuables safe by enhancing the security, safety and convenience of your door.

Exclusive to B&D, Auto-Lock securely locks your garage door when it’s shut, Wireless Safety Beams prevent the door from closing on an obstruction, and Smartphone Control allows you to operate your garage door remotely. These are all included in B&D’s newest, state-of-the-art Smart Pro opener, which also comes with a high-quality camera to help you monitor your garage, and allow temporary access for deliveries or visitors while you are away from home.

Take advantage of our complimentary measure and quote service. With a network of qualified, B&D Accredited dealers and consultants across Australia – as well as B&D To You, our mobile showroom service – our consultant can discuss your exact requirements and measurements to ensure your door looks, fits, acts and operates the way it should.