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Modern garage doors have improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly in terms of design and functionality, giving you more options than ever. With such great variety on offer, deciding which type of garage door is best for your needs can be challenging and perhaps a little overwhelming. We've broken down the key differences between the two most popular types – sectional garage doors and roller garage doors – to highlight the benefits of each.

If you're in the market for a new garage door, read on and we'll guide you towards the type of garage door that's perfectly suited to your needs.

What is a roller garage door?

B&D invented the original garage door – the Roll-A-Door – back in 1956, and it’s still an Aussie favourite.

Roller garage doors are made from a metal curtain stamped to form a ribbed pattern. As the door opens, the curtain rolls up (like a carpet) to sit above the door opening, leaving the rest of the ceiling space free. Adequate space directly above the opening is necessary to house the door in its rolled-up form. If you don’t have a perfectly horizontal internal garage roof-line or if support beams or overhead storage affect ceiling access, a roller door is most likely the best solution for you.


B&D RollerDoor-Galactic-Double


B&D's unique 'brake press' technology ensures our roller doors remain flat and robust for the duration of their lifespan. Nylofelt strips along the edge of every door makes for smooth, quiet operation and a weather seal along the bottom prevents dust, leaves and debris from entering the garage.

The ribbed pattern of the roller door profile is limited to a horizontal aspect with a variety of deeper, rounded horizontal profiles available throughout the range. The unique Roll-A-Door Neo for example looks like a sectional door with its sleek broad panels but has the functionality of the roller door. The Roll-A-Door Neo is the perfect solution when you prefer the look of a sectional door, but your garage space won’t allow for it.


B&D RollerDooNeo


In high wind-prone areas, B&D's has a Wind Rated Roller Door, certified for use in all cyclone-affected areas throughout Australia. It features sturdy aluminum guides and wind clips fitted to the curtain profile for superior strength.

Colour-wise, the options for roller doors are exciting, with the full COLORBOND and B&D Timbercoat colour ranges available on all models. Browse the many colour and finish options here.

Although B&D first introduced the Roll-A-Door 60 years ago, its durability and style hasn’t diminished. In fact, there are now even more options, colour choices and customisable features than ever before. B&D's range includes Roll-A-Door Neo, Roll-A-Door Deluxe®, Roll-A-Door Traditional and Rollmasta.


What is a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are made from horizontal steel panels (sections) that are hinged together allowing the door to follow a curved path as it opens to be stored across the garage's ceiling. Sectional panels are available in various widths and profiles, allowing you to create a garage door to suit a wide range of cladding and architectural styles.


B&D PaneliftIcon


B&D Panelift-Oshea


B&D PaneliftIcon-Brick


While the rigid sectional panels provide strength and security across the width of the door, enhance security is achieved by fitting your door with B&D’s Auto-Lock. An automated, heavy-duty bolt that locks your garage door every time you close it.

Increasingly popular for modern and traditional homes alike, our range of sectional garage doors include Panelift, Panelift Icon and the innovative Designer Series. Plus, if environmental threats such as bushfires or cyclones affect your property, B&D’s Bal-Maze and Storm-Shield sectional doors offer complete protection from harsh weather.

Rounding up, roller garage doors are suitable when ceiling space is limited and feature a simple, linear design aspect. Sectional garage doors allow you to be creative with form and texture though they may require a little more budget.

Why choose a B&D roller door?

  • B&D, Australia’s most trusted and reliable brand, invented the first-ever Roll-A-Door!
  • Every Roll-A-Door is made to measure to suit every type of garage opening.
  • All doors are available in a large range of COLORBOND steel finishes and B&D-exclusive Timbercoat choices.
  • Pair your door with an automatic opener with built-in un-hackable technology and smart phone control kit for secure and convenient access via your phone.
  • Backed by a 10-year Total Confidence Warranty when you purchase a B&D door and opener together.
  • Unique ‘brake press’ technology ensures the toughest, sturdiest shape.
  • Nylofelt strips (invented by B&D) guarantee smooth, quiet operation, every time.
  • Tested for 20,000 open-and-close cycles when paired with an opener, Roll-A-Door’s are designed to last.
  • 360-perimetre weather seals prevent dust, leaves and debris from entering the garage.
  • All Roll-A-Doors feature a sturdy, castellated-steel drum, unlike other plastic alternatives on the market.


Why choose a B&D sectional door?

  • Every B&D Panelift door is bespoke and made-to-measure to suit garages of all shapes and sizes.
  • Stunning COLORBOND and timer-look steel finishes in a range of colours, as well as Sheer Panel colours available on Panelift Icon and Knotwood on selected doors.
  • Greater security with Auto-Lock, B&D’s unique automatic locking mechanism, available with Panelift Icon and optional on Panelift.
  • Pair your door with an automatic opener with built-in un-hackable technology and smart phone control kit for secure and convenient access via your phone.
  • All Panelift doors are backed by B&D’s 10-year Total Confidence Warranty, when purchased with a B&D opener, for complete peace of mind.
  • Internal and external pinch-free hinges protect fingers from being caught on both sides of the garage door when opening and closing.
  • Tested for 20,000 open-and-close cycles when paired with an opener, Panelift sectional doors are designed to last.
  • Insul-Shield insulation can be added to reduce noise and ensure a more comfortable, temperature-controlled garage.
  • Storm-Shield’s innovative technology and durability provides added protection and peace of mind in high-wind areas. Certified for use in all cyclone-affected regions throughout Australia.
  • The only CSIRO-tested and BAL-rated door system in Australia, a BAL-Maze sectional door provides the ultimate protection against bushfires.

Why doesn’t B&D offer tilt garage doors?

A tilt garage door consists of a rigid single panel that swings on side arms, outward and upward to be stored along the ceiling of the garage. Here’s a quick rundown on why B&D don’t offer this type of door.

Tilt garage doors require ample space in front of the garage to swing the door open, creating an inconvenience in more ways than one. The outward tilting action creates a hazard with risk of serious injury, especially if the door’s springs snap, which could lead to it hurting someone or damaging property.

Tilt doors don’t allow you to park right up against the door as it needs more room to swing open. The lack of side support also makes tilting doors susceptible to wind damage and draughts and are more likely to suffer dents.

Regardless of which garage door type you opt for, let our expert team guide you through the process. A trained B&D professional can walk you through the many options available, or we can bring our entire B&D mobile showroom to your driveway with B&D To You – contact us for a complimentary measure and quote.