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Designing your ideal garage door is an exciting process. There’s an array of colours, styles, textures and profile options to choose, all coming together to create a door that perfectly complements the look of your home. But as you get wrapped up in the excitement of how your door looks, it’s also important to keep in mind how it acts to protect you and your home.

Garage door security should be a priority. Does it lock? Is it secure enough to ward off unwanted intruders? Will it continue to operate safely and securely, regardless of power outages or unexpected weather? Are you able to properly monitor the door? Below are eight key features to look for in a new garage door to ensure it’s the toughest, safest, most secure that money can buy.


B&D RollerDoor-Galactic-Double

1. A sturdy locking system

Most garage doors don’t actually lock when they’re closed, and an unlocked door is an open invitation to unwanted visitors. One of the most important features to look for is that it has a tough locking mechanism to keep burglars at bay. While a standard garage door with an opener might not open easily, a determined intruder may be able to force their way into a door that’s not properly secured, which is especially dangerous if your garage leads to your home.

Recognising this vulnerability in home security, B&D developed Auto-Lock – a keyless, heavy-duty locking bolt that automatically engages every time you close the door. This prevents the door from being forced up and open, giving you peace of mind that only those who have access can operate it.

Auto-Lock comes standard on all B&D Panelift Icon sectional doors and is available as an optional extra on Panelift, Storm-Shield and Designer Series sectional doors.


2. Automatic Reverse and Backdrive

These two crucial safety features will ensure children, pets, cars and other valuable items are kept out of harm’s way when your garage door is opening and closing. Built-in to all B&D garage door motors, Automatic Reverse is designed to prevent the door from closing on an obstruction. When the door encounters something in the path of it closing, it’ll immediately stop and reverse.

Similarly, Automatic Backdrive kicks in when the garage door is being forced open. The opener instantly drives the door back down, resisting unwanted access.

3. Wireless Safety Beams

To ensure your family, cars and possessions are protected, infrared safety beams are designed to sense objects in the path of the closing door. As soon as an object or person breaks the invisible beam, the garage door will stop and kick into reverse, avoiding serious damage being done.

Highly recommended on all automatic garage doors and required for garage doors with smartphone controls, Wireless Safety Beams feature state-of-the-art technology and work seamlessly with every B&D opener. Plus, there’s no need for unsightly cables ¬– unlike others on the market, B&D’s Safety Beams are completely wireless, minimising the dangers associated with damaged wires.


B&D  PE Beam

4. A quality remote or keyless entry keypad

Automating your garage door offers greater convenience and – most of all – security. If you’ve arrived home late at night, stay secure in your car as the garage door closes behind you with the click of a button. But remote-control codes can be hacked, so investing in one that only you can control is crucial.

B&D’s TriTan+ remote control technology delivers advanced security and excellent functionality. All remotes feature encryption technology to protect against code-grabbing. This prevents pesky hackers with radio devices or apps – designed to defeat the security used in most keyless entry systems – from intercepting and recording your remote’s command.

Best of all, multiple remotes can be linked to the same B&D opener. There’s no need to consider yourself a tech prodigy when it comes to programming – your local B&D Accredited installer will take care of the set up.

Another option is a wireless Entry Keypad, which allows you to enter the garage without a transmitter. This is great for children as there’s no need to provide them with a key – entry is granted with a PIN.


B&D Remote

5. Smart Phone Control

The introduction of modern smart home automation has resulted in more homeowners tapping into high-tech functionality to make life easier, particularly in the garage.

A smart phone control allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere, granting access to guests, relatives or delivery drivers remotely. For even greater security, you can see via the app whether the door is open or closed in real time and will receive a message whenever it’s operated or obstructed. Plus, the B&D App can link to multiple smart devices, so everyone in the family can be granted access to operate your door.



6. Cameras

A Garage Door Camera ensures an extra level of security. If your garage provides direct access to your home, cameras seamlessly integrate with B&D smart garage door openers to give you full visibility over who’s outside your garage, at any time of the day or night.

You can view and allow access remotely via the B&D smart phone app. Watch, in real time, as delivery drivers enter your driveway and leave your package and be instantly alerted about motion and sound changes.

Featuring crystal-clear video resolution, two-way audio for live communication and a wide, diagonal view for greater visibility (without compromising on image quality), this clever cam packs a serious punch in terms of garage security.


B&D Cameras

7. Rechargeable Battery Backup

The last thing you need when the power’s out is to be locked out of your garage. In the event of a blackout or interruption to the power supply, having a Rechargeable Battery Backup installed will guarantee you can still rely on your garage door to open, close and – importantly – provide security.

As soon as the power is lost, the battery backup will kick in. When the power returns, it will automatically begin to recharge on its own.

8. Emergency Key Release

Much like a battery backup, an Emergency Key Release is recommended particularly in situations where the garage door is the only access to the garage. It allows the automatic garage door opener to disengage in the event of a power outage, letting you safely open and close the door manually.

General garage security tips

  • Choose a garage door that’s built to withstand forced entry, and ensure it’s locked shut with an automatic locking bolt like Auto-Lock.
  • Automatic garage door openers provide superior security over the door alone with security features like automatic reverse and back drive built-in to the opener. Opt for an opener with a heavy-duty motor and a host of security features such as Auto-Lock, Wireless Safety Beams and Smart Phone Control Kit, and camera like the B&D Smart Pro.
  • Always lock your car when it’s parked in your garage.
  • Lock the door between the garage and house for an extra level of security between the two if either is breached.
  • Never leave garage door remotes in the car; thieves love that mistake. The security-conscious solution is to keep house keys and garage door remotes inside your house.


Now that you know which security features to look for in a garage door, you’re well equipped to ensuring your home and family are properly protected. But chances are, there’s still much to discuss. Contact us for a complimentary measure and quote so we can discuss your exact needs and security requirements.