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If you’ve just bought a brand-new B&D garage door, chances are you’re wondering how to maintain its pristine condition. Or perhaps you have an existing door that’s in need of a little TLC? Regular maintenance of your garage door will ensure its longevity, appearance and safety. If you’re in between services, here are six simple steps you can take to make sure your garage door looks and operates the way it should for many years to come.



1. Watch and listen to the door in motion

An obvious sign that your garage door and automatic opener may not be functioning correctly is if there are strange sounds or jerkiness occurring during operation. A well-maintained door should be quiet as it opens and closes. You shouldn’t see bumpiness when it’s in motion, and any scraping sounds or irregular movements may mean something’s not right. If you’re unsure, contact us as soon as possible – our service technicians will be able to identify and solve the problem before any further damage occurs.


2. Wash the door’s surface

Just like you should examine the moving parts while your garage door is opening and closing, it’s also important to frequently inspect the surface. If your door is steel, look out for rust spots. Similarly, wooden doors can be prone to warping and water damage, especially in coastal areas. To prevent corrosion, simply wash down the external surface of your garage door with clean water and a soft brush or cloth every two weeks or so.



3. Clean the tracks

Inspect the tracks on both sides of your garage door to ensure they’re free of debris and rust. You can clean the internal sections of the tracks with a soft cloth dampened with mineral turpentine or methylated spirits. If you have a roller door, it’s also recommended you polish the tracks to remove any build-up of dirt. However, be sure not to grease the lock as this can cause damage to the locking mechanism.


4. Lubricate the hinges

If you have a sectional garage door, keeping the hinges on your Panelift and Panelift Icon doors well-lubricated will reduce stress on the moving components. Apply a high-quality, all-purpose machine oil such as RP7 on the hinges approximately twice a year, and make sure to wipe off any excess.


5. Wipe the springs

A garage door’s springs are responsible for all the heavy lifting of your door, so they hold a huge amount of energy. Over time, springs can lose their tension. Neglecting to have them retightened by a qualified technician will put undue strain on other components of the door. If your garage door’s springs are accessible, you can keep them clean by simply wiping over them with an oily rag. Otherwise, it’s best to leave maintaining them to the experts.


6. Schedule regular services

The golden rule of garage door maintenance is to not neglect regular servicing. Servicing your garage door is just as important as servicing your car. Just like your car’s engine, your door is made up of several moving parts that all work together to safely lift and lower the door. Enlisting a qualified technician to regularly assess the components and conduct a professional repair service, if needed, is crucial. We recommend servicing your roller or sectional garage door once in the first 12 months and every two years thereafter to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently.


While garage door maintenance is important, you should always take care when cleaning your own door. Do not attempt to touch or clean the door or any moving parts while the door is in motion.

If in doubt, simply contact us on 13 62 63 to arrange a service with a qualified B&D Accredited service technician. They’ll be able to fix any issues that may be occurring to ensure your new garage door remains in safe, working order.