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How big is a double garage? What’s the standard garage door height and width? What are general garage door sizes? Firstly, let's dispel the common misconception that garage doors come in standard sizes. All B&D garage doors are made to measure, giving you a completely bespoke product.

B&D offers a free measure and quote consultation to help you choose the right door and manufactures every garage door to the exact specifications of your particular garage open-ing. Every garage is different, which is why a trained B&D expert should measure each site to guarantee an accurate fit.



Double garage sizes

In very general terms, a standard double garage door is about 2100mm tall and 4800mm wide. However, your garage may be wider or possibly taller than this. That’s why it’s so important that your garage door is custom-made to fit your home.

B&D Panelift and Panelift Icon sectional garage doors can be made up to a maximum of 6.15 or 6.6 metres wide (depending on the model).

B&D Roll-A-Door Traditional, Deluxe Double or Rollmasta Double can be made up to a maximum of 5.1 or 5.5 metres wide (depending on the model).

If you have requirements outside of these specifications, call us on 13 62 63 and we can chat through the best solution for your home.

Double roller garage doors

When deciding on the type of door to fit your garage, it’s best to keep in mind that a roller garage door will encroach on around 450mm of headroom, directly above the garage door opening. The motor, or garage door opener, is situated to the side of the door itself.

Double garage Roll-A-Door options include Traditional, Deluxe Double and Rollmasta® Double. These doors are available in a range of profiles, made using brake press technol-ogy to ensure a consistent shape and durability across a large garage door. The Roll-A-Pro is the recommended motor for a Roll-A-Door.



Double sectional garage doors

All B&D sectional garage door styles are available in sizes that will suit large double gar-ages. A sectional door will take up around 350mm of headroom, which continues along the ceiling of the garage. The garage door opener sits on the ceiling, behind the door when open.

If you plan to store large vehicles, boats and the like, a sectional garage door is your best option. The standard height of a B&D Panelift door goes up to a maximum of 3.415 metres, and Panelift Icon allows for up to 3.99 metres in height (depending on the profile).

B&D sectional garage doors are available in a range of beautiful profiles, with options such as windows and insulation as well as a selection of specialty factory fit options for protec-tion in extreme environmental conditions.


Single garage sizes

Generally, a standard single garage door is around 2100mm high and 2400mm wide, fitting an average-sized car. That said, the size of a garage door depends on the size of the open-ing; some will only allow for very small cars and some single garages are slightly larger than standard. We’ll make your garage door to order, ensuring a perfect fit to your specific garage door opening.

If you have requirements outside of our specifications below, simply call us on 13 62 63 and we can chat through the best solution for your home.



Single roller garage doors

Single garage door options are available with Roll-A-Door Neo, Deluxe Single and Rollmasta Single. The maximum width for single roller doors is 3.15 metres wide.

A single size Roll-A-Door door is sometimes light enough to operate manually, but we al-ways recommend the use of an automatic garage door opener for ease and security.



Single sectional garage doors

Sectional garage door styles are not limited in sizes. B&D manufactures each sectional door to perfectly fit the space available.



Whichever way you go, it’s always best to enlist a professional to provide a qualified measure and quote to determine which garage door will best suit your garage opening. Contact us to arrange a complimentary measure and quote consultation – a B&D garage door expert will be able to walk you through the many options available.