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Australians love DIY projects. We like to have a go at jobs around the home, often to save a bit of cash in the back pocket. Doing it yourself is logical in some instances, but some projects require professional assistance. If you need a garage door installed, leave it to the professionals, here’s why….



1. Safety and security

Garage doors are large and heavy, predominantly made from steel or other metal compounds that could cause serious damage if not handled correctly. They often require at least two people to manage the load of mounting the actual door itself, and that’s without understanding the technicalities of safely installing into the garage cavity. If not correctly installed, they pose a significant safety risk. You may read instructions on the internet about "How to install a roller door on a carport", but post-installation, will it operate safely year upon year?

In terms of the mechanics, loaded springs and metal tension points that have been incorrectly installed can snap and fly off, causing significant damage to you and your property.

Mounting points along with door bolts, screws, cables and connectors should be carefully placed to deliver door integrity and prevent failure associated with parts pulling away from fixing points. Critical moving parts such as chain drive, tracks, wheels or cable drum also need to be carefully balanced to allow your door to travel up and down safely, smoothly and quietly.

The garage is often the main entry point to the home with children, pets and other family members coming and going multiple times a day. To ensure the safe operation of your garage, you should leave the fitting to the professions. A trained, B&D Accredited dealer or installer will ensure your door and automatic opener and any locking mechanisms or safety upgrades you’ve purchased are properly installed.

B&D recommend preventative servicing once in the first 12 months after installation and every two years thereafter to ensure your garage door continues to function within factory specifications and to maintain your 10 year total confidence warranty.


Safety and security


2. With experience comes peace of mind

It's hard to put a price on security and safety. Being Australia's most trusted and reliable garage door brand has come from 65 years of producing quality products and providing professional service. The long-term experience of a trusted network of B&D Accredited dealers and installers is hard to beat. Each installer undertakes specialist training so that your garage door goes up and down safely for many years to come.


3. Every garage is different

There’s no 'one size fits all' garage door. Each situation and each garage opening is different, and so, each B&D garage door is bespoke. Enlisting a professional to measure the site and manufacture your door to your specific requirements will ensure it perfectly fits the garage opening.

Similarly, a professional garage door installer will know how to install a roller door on a tapering angle or how to approach other tricky factors. They can also suggest the best security and convenience upgrades for your intended usage, from Smart Openers to locking devices.


4. Warranty

The B&D 10-year Total Confidence Warranty is available on garage doors and openers sold and installed by a B&D representative.

Once you’ve invested in a garage door, protecting that investment with a warranty is essential. If anything goes wrong with the door, opener or any of its accessories within a certain time period after it’s been installed, you’ll have access to repairs or replacements. This provides some much-needed peace of mind, allowing you to rest easy knowing your new door is covered and backed by a professional.


5. Repairs

Attempting to repair your own garage door is dangerous. Servicing and repairs should always be conducted by a trained technician – they’ll be able to ensure all critical moving parts, such as the chain drive, tracks, wheels and cable drum, are operating correctly. Regular servicing is also required to maintain your B&D 10-year Total Confidence Warranty.

Enlisting a professional to install your door will guarantee it operates the way it should, but regular servicing by a trained technician helps ensure it continues to. Just because your garage door has been installed by a professional, the job doesn’t end there. Your door opens and closes every day, year upon year, so it needs regular maintenance to make sure everything is in safe and working order.




B&D garage doors and openers protect what’s precious to you, so ensuring they’re installed by a qualified, B&D Accredited professional is crucial. Let us do what we’re best at – contact us for a complimentary measure and quote consultation so we can help you chose then properly and safely install your garage door.