Renovation Leads to Smooth Garage Door

The Sylvania Waters, New South Wales, couple said that while their garage door remained fully functional it no longer matched their home's otherwise modern appearance.
"The first door had lasted a long time. It was about 20 years old and it was still working. It just didn't fit with the new house design after our renovations," Ms Pye said.
"The old garage had a B&D Door. We wanted to stick with that brand, given we had such long service from it. It was also important to us to buy an Australian-made product."
The couple consulted local B&D Accredited dealer Deville Garage Doors, and in response to their brief were recommended B&D Doors' new Smoothpanel™ sectional garage door.
"We had thought about options such as clear acrylic panels but we decided the Smoothpanel™ suited us best because we were after something sleek and simple.
"We wanted the door to look simple, yet fashionable and were concerned that it would date easily if it had too many panels and patterns."
Colour was another important consideration in their decision. The renovation included side gates around the home, which were painted in a colour matching the home's window fittings.
"We were really pleased to learn that we could get the door in whichever colour we wanted so we matched it to the rest of the house, which is Dune, a Colorbond colour."
B&D Doors' national sales & marketing manager John Fraser-Mifsud said each individual panel of the B&D Smoothpanel™ sectional door is customised to a particular height space. 
"Some garage doors are stacked with standard-sized panels until they nearly close out the space and then they run a thin one, but we are able to provide even-height panels for lines that spread evenly over the door," Mr Fraser-Mifsud said. 
Ms Pye said she appreciated the minimal lines created by the door panels. 
"The fact that they're all evenly spaced creates a nice symmetry. It looks really good," she said.
The patterned profiles often found in garage door panels serve not only to decorate but help strengthen a door. 
Mr Fraser-Mifsud said the Smoothpanel's entirely flat facade is made from steel that is 30 per cent thicker than that used for its other steel skin doors, for twice the strength. 
"The thickness provides more body to the skin, to resist pressure and prevent it from buckling or 'oil-canning'," he said.
Ms Pye was an early B&D Doors Smoothpanel™ customer, and Mr Fraser-Mifsud said that style-conscious customers are driving strong interest in the product.
"We've had a good response from home owners who have customised their homes to a large degree, including bespoke facades and colour coordination."
Mr de Maria said he was impressed with the speed of installation and service provided by Deville Garage Doors. 
"Their service was great. They even took our old garage door away, which was appreciated given we'd just completed extensive renovations."