Account Application

We understand how keen you are to purchase B&D’s superior products, and to this end we are here to assist you.
Prior to having access to our extensive product range there are some formalities that need to be completed.
Below are a number of B&D account application forms. These account applications represent the trading arrangements between you, and us.
The process for having an account opened with B&D is:
  • Select the correct application below
  • Download the relevant PDF document below
  • Complete the application form – please follow the instructions
  • Once correctly completed mail the application to the B&D office in the state where you do business
  • When received we will assess your application against our application guidelines
  • Once assessed we will be in contact with you
Please ensure the application is completed correctly – any errors or omissions may delay your account being opened.
If you have any questions please call your B&D sales representative, or the state office as indicated on the application form. The time required to assess a correctly completed account application is five working days from receipt.
Application forms: